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A four-day online career conference featuring 72 career authors
Grad CareerFestival 
for Students & Grads! 

36-hours of career advice!

Research suggests it takes the average grad 7.4 months to find a job!  We want to help you find a job FASTER than that!   

That's why we've partnered with the Grad CareerFestival and arranged to provide you a free pass to the four- day online career conference being held January 12th - 15th.

The authors will introduce you to proven career exploration and career management strategies, as well as share with you critical soft skills managers will expect you to have.

Each career author will share in their TED Talk length presentation - three tips, ideas, or strategies you can act on immediately!  

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The Alumni Association is committed to helping you launch and lead a successful career!

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You will learn how to create a career plan and manage your career, land a job faster with less effort,as well as pick up soft skills that  will help you advance your career!  Claim your free ticket right now!  (value $87)

This is an online/virtual event you can
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  • Help your parents understand how dramatically the job search process has changed in just a decade!
  • Bring them up to speed on how you will use social media and job boards in your job search.
  • You will help them adopt new, proven job  search strategies when they start looking for a job!

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Include your parent or guardian contact information to give them this ebook!
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Register and receive Chapter 5 from Roberto Angulo's book, "Getting Your First Job!

This book has it all!

It's a road-map on how you can plan, organize, and execute your job search.  It's all there for you step by step so you can land a job faster.  You can download chapter 5 immediately after registering!

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Tony Alessandra, Ph.D author of the best-selling book, The Platinum Rule is giving you access to his ENTIRE book.  You'll learn how to use the Platinum Rule to discover the four basic business personalities so you can rapidly advance your career!